NASS partners with Enterprises to develop innovative, production-focused, human resource solutions that assist them in their growth and development. The common objective is continuous growth and competitiveness through a more productive, efficient, and innovative workforce. Services to enterprises include:

  • Integrated Development Solutions

NASS works with company Human Resources Department to develop integrated programs that address the development needs of the company staff over the short and
long terms addressing the company’s performance goals, available resources, staff training needs, and the company’s brand value.

  • NASS Trusted Employer Program (NTE)

NASS supports our Partners through a program that provides them with their future technical labour at the required level of competencies. The program involves developing and implementing the appropriate sourcing and qualifications programs that integrate the required technical and non-technical competencies to prepare the new workers to become effective and immediate contributors to the company’s productivity.

  • Industrial Technology for Industry 4.0

NASS realizes the challenges industry is facing with the rapid advances in technology that places pressures on industry in sourcing qualified labour force capable of meeting these challenges. Our Industrial Technology program qualifies mechatronics professionals in the operations, maintenance and programing of automated industrial lines at all levels of the production line.

  • Certified Professionals Program

NASS is a partner to several leading institutions in a number of fields and is thus able to offer its partners integrated Certification programs that include technical and non-technical specializations to benchmark their workforce against international standards. Our partners include Siemens, Dale Carnegie, and RITI.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Since NASS is involved with several community development partners in projects related to labour market development and work opportunities development, enterprises have the opportunity to partner with NASS in doing good for the community while doing good to the company as part of their CSR strategies.