WinCC Course


5 Days.

Certified Program From

WinCC Course

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:
• Create and manage WinCC Projects.
• Integrate components between WinCC and Step 7.
• Create WinCC tags STEP 7 symbol table.
• Establish communications with the PLC.
• Design a complex graphic.
• Configure internal and external tags.
• Define & Administer User Security.
• Set and test the WinCC Alarms and Messages.
• Configure, archive and display Trends & Tables.
• Configure, preview and print Reports.


PC literacy, keyboard skills and a good working knowledge of Windows 2000/XP. Knowledge of SCADA is essential.

For Integration with S7 it is mandatory to have S7SYS1

Course Outline

• WinCC System Overview:
 Hardware Overview, WinCC Core Functionality, System Configurations           and Open Architecture.
• Windows XP and 2000:
 System Requirements for Windows XP and Windows 2000
• WinCC Explorer:
 Starting WinCC, Creating a new Project, Network Adapters, Project and          Computer Properties.
 Manual Tag & Channel Configuration, and Cross Reference Editor.
• Graphics Designer:
 Tools & Features for creating a graphic, Using Object, Styles & other                palettes.
 Using the dynamic wizards, setting the objects properties and Grouping          Objects.
 Creating a Customized Object.
• Making Objects Dynamic:
 Direct Connect Interface, Dynamic Dialog Interface, Object C Scripting            and Indirect Addressing.
• The Global Scripts Editor:
 Creating a Project Function and Creating a Global Action.
• User Administration & Security:
 Groups & Users.
 Log on & Log off.
 OS Security
• Alarm-Logging / Messages:
 Message Blocks, Message Classes & Subclasses
 Analog Alarms
 WinCC Alarm Control Configuration.
• Archiving & Trending:
 Archive configuration, WinCC Online Trend Control and WinCC Online          Table Control.
• Reports Designer:
 Layouts & Print Jobs, Configuration / Documentation Reports and                    Alarm Reports.
 Creating & Configuring Print Jobs.