Supervisory Skills Course


5 Days.

Certified Program From

Supervisory Skills Course

Full knowledge of the concept of the supervision process and how to accomplish work tasks through others while creating a good work environment and confronting problems in a scientific way while enjoying the required organizational skills and continuous motivation of the work team.


• Proficiency in reading and writing.
• Passing the first and second levels or having experience in the range of 5 to 10 years.

Course Outline

• Self-organization and organization.
• Effective time management.
• prioritization.
• Building a team.
• Leadership.
• End special tasks.
• Verbal and non-verbal communication.
• Determine requirements to accomplish special tasks.
• Set expectations for the team.
• How to set goals.
• Assignment of tasks to others.
• How to give feedback in a positive way.
• Conflict Resolution.
• How to manage private parking effectively.
• How to prepare for assumption supervision functions.