Simatic S7 Service 3 TIA Course


5 Days.

Certified Program From

Simatic S7 Service 3 TIA Course

This program aims to serve engineers who want to solve a variety of problems from SIMATIC S7.
Developing skills in solving problems, adjusting the control system, and focusing on maintenance.
Applications are made to embrace experience in managing a fully automatic control system.


SIMATIC S7 knowledge corresponding to SIMATIC S7 Service 2 TIA
or TIA-SYSUP and practical experience in using the knowledge

Course Outline

• Commissioning a TIA system with software troubleshooting and debugging.
• Error analysis and handling per SIMATIC STEP 7 program:
 Possible uses for error organization blocks.
 Reading out, evaluating, and display of diagnostic messages.
• Diagnosis of errors in a PROFINET IO system with an HMI device.
• Diagnosis of SIMATIC S7 system errors with an HMI device Configuration of CPU – CPU communication via Industrial Ethernet.
• Working with Ladder Diagram (LAD) / Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Control Language (SCL) and Structure Text Language (STL).
• Working with Technology Objects.
• A deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on SIMATIC S7-1500 system model.