Simatic S7 Service 1 TIA Course


5 Days.

Certified Program From

Simatic S7 Service 1 TIA Course

This program aims at the possibility of service and maintenance for the people involved in the installation and installation of the automation system and its applications. The subscribers will build skills in the field of fault diagnosis and repair and the development of an integrated automated operating system (TIA) complemented by: (HMI, PLC, drive and communications network).


Basic knowledge of automation technology.

Course Outline

  • Overview and significant performance characteristics of the SIMATIC S7 system family The components of the TIA Portal: STEP 7, WinCC, communication.
  • Program execution in automation systems.
  • Binary and digital operations in the function block diagram (FBD).
  • Setup and assembly of the automation system.
  • Addressing and wiring the signal modules.
  • Hardware and software commissioning of the SIMATIC S7 automation system with the TIA Portal.
  • SIMATIC S7 hardware configuration and parameterization Presentation of a Touch panel Presentation of the drive.
  • Setup and parameterization of PROFINET IO.
  • Saving and documentation of the implemented program changes with the TIA Portal.
  • A deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on the SIMATIC S7-1500 system model.