Professional Sanitary Systems Specialist Certificate


25 Days

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Professional Sanitary Systems Specialist Certificate

The trainee should be able to learn all of the following: –
Qualifies the student to work as a residential health technician with sufficient scientific and practical idea of:
• Knowledge of occupational safety rules for electrical and mechanical works in welds and conduction during work.
• Knowledge of the occupational safety rules for welding fumes and the chemicals used for adhesive and their hazards.
• Read the process drawings for the project.
• Learn the number of machines used in all plumbing operations.
• The process of determining the paths of all types of pipes on the walls or in the ground.
• The process of cutting pipes of appropriate lengths without waste.
• The process of connecting the pipes to each other by the appropriate methods (screw/welding / gluing / pressing).
• The process of connecting pipes to accessories (elbows / grooves / fetching connectors / nobles / lacor assembly / meters).
• The process of installing the sanitary ware separately (Al-Qaeda / Al-Badia / Basins / Bathtubs).
• The process of compressing circuits with water, tools, the number used in that, and the pressure values ​​for each circle.
• The test process for all types of pipes (wastewater/drinking water/firewater) and the method for each type.
• Methods for detecting leaks and identifying meters used to pressure the circuit.
• Knowing the process of cleaning drinking water networks and the solutions used before using the water.
• Learn about the ways to install external supply and drain poles and ways to install them on the walls.
• Learn how to implement and connect columns to the dust and gallery galleries.
(Certified by City & Guilds).


• General technical or secondary diploma.
• Pass the qualification test.

Course Outline