Professional Electrical Systems Certificate


25 Days

Certified Program From

Professional Electrical Systems Certificate

Qualifies the student to work as a professional installation and maintenance technician:

• Knowledge of electrical systems in installations and control.
• Learn to use measuring devices for inspection and maintenance purposes.
• Carry out installations and maintenance of electrical systems in relation to residential and administrative facilities, subject to occupational health and safety rules.
• Familiarity with standard standards in electrical installations.
• Familiarity with the components of the control circuits, learning about their functions and characteristics, their work theory and the related electrical symbols.
• Acquire the skill of reading electrical control codes and circuits.
• Gaining the ability to implement various control circuits from technical drawings and drawings.
• Gaining the ability to identify and fix faults in the electrical automatic control circuits.
(Certified by City & Guilds).


  • A general technical or secondary diploma.
  • Pass the qualification test.

Course Outline

• Electrical installations 1.
• Control systems 1.
• Safety systems.
• Standards.
• English Language 1.
• Information Technology 1.
• Personal skills 1.