Professional Air Conditioning Systems Certificate


25 Days

Certified Program From

Professional Air Conditioning Systems Certificate

Qualifies the student to work as an adaptation technician who has sufficient scientific and practical idea about:
• The process of assembling the cold circuit using the keys and screwdrivers.
• The process of connecting the circuit parts to each other (screw or oxi weld).
• The process of emptying the device from impurities through the process of vacuum.
• The process of assembling the circuit elements and connecting them together with the circuit parts (motor and compressor).
• Freon charge the circuit with the appropriate amount.
• Test process for air conditioners, taking into account the connection of vanquil with condensing coil in pipes.
• Ventilation detection methods and identifying venting detection devices.
• Knowledge of occupational health and safety rules for electrical and mechanical works in air-conditioning during work.
• Measuring the high and low pressures to control the charge
• Measuring amps and volts and comparing them with what is recommended by the factory.
• Measuring the ground in the devices and the insulation strength using the major
(Certified by City & Guilds).


  • General technical or secondary diploma.
  • Pass the qualification test.

Course Outline

• Assembling the air conditioners and connecting their parts to each other in an appropriate way.
• Connect different electrical circuits (switches / wired remote / wireless remote).
• Vacuum works, freon charging, and detection of venting sites, if any.
• Safety systems and methods to prevent risks that may befall the trainee during work.